Our dedicated gallery space is a 50m2 L-shaped white space with a reception area on the ground floor. The gallery is a part of a curated contemporary art and future residency programme.


Our shop is an amazing 60m2, light-filled space that is conveniently located at the front of the house. We make our own products and sell a curated selection of quality arts & crafts products from South-West Finland. Our shop is also perfect for special product launch events and receptions. Contact the shop team if you’d like to join us.


Kulturhus Björkboda will host a series of Pop-Up café events in the main lobby area. It is a versatile space that suits all kinds of special events.  It has a kitchen and large double-doors that lead to a beautiful outdoor breakout space. There is also a sports hall with a stage close by if you need to host an event for larger groups. So, if you’ve dreamed of being a barista for a day or need a unique conference venue get in touch.


Our school kitchen that used to cater every day for 100 pupils and staff is still going strong. We will gradually update the kitchen according to need, so if you need some special kit let us know.


Our 60m2 multi-functional room has been nicknamed Salon as a nod to the stacked style of display that began in Parisian art institutions. One large wall space will be dedicated to displaying community art and the room will become our flexible events space. Contact us for more information and bookings.

Meeting room

Our luxurious private meeting room and the kitchen is a comfortable 60m2 corner room on the second floor. It is ideal for meetings of 10 participants and is equipped with a projection screen, conference microphone, and a 4K webcam for your remote conferencing needs. This quiet space can also be rented for private work often essential when you are looking for inspiration or when deadlines are looming. Hourly pricing starts from 10€/h.

Arts studio

Our arts studio space is a 60m2 (10×6) classroom on the second floor. It is suitable for visual arts and ‘clean’ making and also has screen-printing equipment available. Lockable storage for personal materials can be provided. Contact us if you would like to organise your own courses here. Hourly pricing starts from 10€/h.

Crafts studio

Our crafts studio space is a 70m2 (8x9m) classroom on the second floor. It is equipped for woodworking and more messy crafting than the art studio. Lockable storage for personal materials can be provided. Contact us if you would like to organise your own courses here. Hourly pricing starts from 10€/h.

Sports hall

Every school has a sports hall with an elevated stage for daring performances and speeches. Ours is no exception. The 100m2 space is equipped for team sports such as basketball and badminton and it suitable for many other group exercise such as dance, gymnastics and yoga.  Its wooden floor and calm atmosphere makes it a great event space. We can provide chairs and arrange the layout into theatre, banquet and of course classroom style.  The sports hall will comfortably seat 50 people or 100 for a standing event. Hourly pricing starts from 10€/h.


The stage can be booked separately as it can be enclosed with heavy stage curtains to control the acoustics. Our flexible studio space works well for band rehearsals and other performers. Book your weekly sessions from 10€/h.