Culture Stew, Taiwan X Finland

5.7.– 28.7.2024

This year, we would like to relaunch the third event of the HACK CULTURE-Culture Stew series on Kemiönsaari, Kulturhus Björkboda in July 2024. The event starts with an exhibition documenting previous workshops and with new artworks focusing on traditional marketplace under the artificial intelligence era.The exhibition will run throughout July, and culminates with a visit and workshop led by the Dimension Plus group in early July.

Dimension Plus

Hello Edo series

HACK CULTURE-Culture Stew is a series of workshops collaborated with Dimension Plus Taiwan and Tuomo Tammenpää, which the aim of exploring Finnish and Taiwanese culture by bumping them together in a delicious way. The contents and themes of the workshop vary from food, music, tools and techniques to new and old traditions from both cultures. The first Culture Stew workshop was organized in Taipei in September 2019, and the second event was organized through video conference technology between Taipei and Kemiö due to travel restrictions.

Previous installments:
Culture Stew 2019
Culture Stew 2020